Globe Com is the ideal partner for all those companies and others who want to take advantage of the web to develop their projects over time.

Globe Com activity ranges from the creation of websites and programs up to the study of the best marketing strategies related to the web.

In order to focus and achieve those goals by companies who look to the future with the eyes of the information society, Globe Com provides all-round professionalism: from marketing, to information technology, through the graphic creativity and advanced research on the web.

Globe Com's mission is simple and concrete: offer our customers the right professional support with quality services and technologically advanced instruments that can provide tangible business results within an appropriate national and international strategy.

All at affordable and competitive prices. The goal of Globe Com is to make the access to the virtual world simple and manageable for anyone, and especially for anyone who is not an expert programmer.

Globe Com is located in Albiate (MB), via Pedonale Isarco 5. The three webfarm are based in Arezzo, via Sergio Ramelli 8; Milano, via Caldera 21 and New York (Usa) c/o l'Isp "Affinity Internet".