Communication Services

Desktop, laptop, tablet e smartphone on line. The"full optional" Globe Com Communication

Web portals, mobile portals, hosting, housing, wifi hotspots, and advertising placements. All services that Globe Com provides are highly professional, in order to ensure a unique experience in the world of web. Be with Globe Com, means getting the best results in no time.... and at a highly competitive price!

Web Hosting

Our professional hosting package offers quality and safety. The package is designed for companies that use Internet for their "business core". The DNS service is managed by two dedicated servers, connected directly to two independent network of arteries. Total reliability guaranteed by the service redundancy, as well as an advanced backup system and telephone technical support.


The Housing Service of Globe Com, allows you to install your own server in one of our fully equipped data rooms, using all potentialities of the Datacenter. Each server is monitored 365/365 7/7 24/24 by our technicians that provide hardware support. It is possible to choose the bandwidth with consumer traffic, ideal for traditional hosting services, or a flat solution.

Web Design

Globe Com designs portals and "corporate blog" high-level, focusing on accurate design, but also on the ease of navigation and the impact of the images clear and intuitive. Expository clarity and Visual impact are the secret to increase the added value of the web sites and make them more competitive in terms of marketing.


Your mobile website easy, fast and convenient. Our services offer the best performance to truly competitive costs. Have a website dedicated to mobile devices, it means anticipating the times, it means being present in a booming sector, does it mean to be closer to its customers.

Hotspot Wi-Fi

"Biz Ideas" is a division of Globe Com that designs and implements Wi-Fi hotspots for hotels, Internet cafes, libraries, and businesses who want to offer their customers a number of new services through the use of Internet. The software used by Globe Com is complete and reliable, is compatible with Windows and Linux. A simple management interface, allows the activation of an unlimited number of users.


The Networking service offered by Globe Com gives the possibility to have its own dedicated and divisible FTP area. The service will be accessible from a domain of your choice, managed by Globe Com. You can divide space, enable the FTP account username and password-protected and assign its permissions and quotas. The control panel is multilevel and therefore you can activate multiple areas.


Choose the right shopping cart to sell on-line your products is one of the crucial points to make your online business a success. Your customers should be able to buy your products in a simple and intuitive way, having a feeling of security. Store Manager software must be easy to use. Globe Com provides all this at affordable prices.

Web Marketing

Globe Com offers Pay Per Click campaigns, ideal for get away visibility on search engines with targeted investments. In order to obtain this result, we first identify the target audience and the objectives to be achieved. We define the appropriate strategies on the basis of which we create the best texts for engines and for users. We then targeted campaigns on engines and industry sites, such as Google AdWords, Yahoo and Search Marketing.

Qr Code

Qr Codes, are particularly effective tools for connecting physical objects with web pages, movies and more. Their transformation into a text string requires a smartphone and an usually free reader program. Globe Com supports its customers in identifying the most appropriate uses of QR Code within their own applications, or in their organizational procedures.